Skin and Threads

Skin and Threads is a premium Australian brand built on the simple principle that pure and natural fabrics are the building blocks for a luxurious and casually elegant lifestyle.

Skin and Threads make clothes that are destined to become future classics, but we’re more inclined to think they’ll become future favourites and loved ones. Designed to add to and become a part of your wardrobe and life, Skin and Threads can be layered, worn on its own or mixed with your existing pieces.

Flexibility and ease is the benefit of the Skin and Threads idea of luxury and lifestyle. Made to exacting standards using (100 percent) natural fibres, every Skin and Threads product is ensured to be style that goes beyond the superficial and evidence that form with function aren’t mutually exclusive.

Skin and Threads is a premium Australian lifestyle brand that reflects the country it was born in and those dedicated to the appreciation of cool, simple style.