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Discover the Maje Spring Summer 2020 Collection

18 Dec 2019

This summer, let loose with a road trip to Florida. For SS20, Maje will be headed to Miami Beach, The Everglades, Orlando and Key West.

Lots of parties, lots of pools, and lots of parties around pools - Slim Aarons style. There is nothing to suggest that we will ever return –

nothing but the fact that this isn’t Paris.


MIAMI BEACH. Living  on  our  memories.  Palm  trees,  heat,  and  clubs  all  in  a  single  night. 

A  hankering  for  bright  colours,  and  pool-side sunrises and sunsets. Laid-back, my friend.

Somewhere between day and night, mixing high and low, denim and satin. Blending influences in generous volumes that let the body speak.

Strap dresses, A-line dresses, cool and sexy bubble skirts. Ready to be slipped on with a smile.

Get ready for this one: fuchsia cycling shorts with a sustainable jean jacket – sleeveless. Dare to don it, even in Paris.


DEEP SOUTH. The Everglades. 20,000 km of savanna and jungle smack in the middle of Florida.

Our Parisian had planned for this, and came out in explorer mode. Natural colours, earth, sand and khaki, white, black, utilitarian pieces –

and, of course, more. Safari jacket, shorts, pleated back poncho, capri pants and belts just begging to have small leather goods clipped to them.

The Everglades have so many surprises in store. A bit of lace, crochet, and English embroidery; modern, not romantic.


JOURNEY TO A SEA OF POOLS. In a nutshell, it’s all about short. Time to show some leg and reveal some skin, ladies: it’s summertime, after all.

A short pink button-down houndstooth suit contrasting with a floral print silk bustier top. Through the Boeing’s porthole,

a sea of swimming pools pass by. Jim turns out to be not such a bad travel companion. He plays Polo in Orlando.

Why not stop off to watch him play. This time, in sporty-chic, with a horse bit print on an ultra-light shirt; which may or may not end up paired

with wild horse print shorts. Time to say bye-bye to Jim and go. Or, stay the night with him. In black-and-white checkered tweed; a short jacket

and trompe-l’oeil shorts. Just an idea.


DOWNTOWN. Last day. She  sets  out  to  explore  the  city,  with  her  Everglade-honed  reflexes  still  strong. 

Bags  with  multiple  carrying  options that leave the hands free to explore. Eye-popping colours on “crocodile-style” leathers,

to not upset the alligators any more than necessary. New shaped bags: Pyramid or Round like a disk.

Lastly, an essential in urban exploration: a phone bag, a bottle holder, or a lipstick holder.

It’s the final day – she’ll soon be in Paris again. Only one way to deal with this: be in Paris exactly as anywhere else.



Level 1, Emporium Melbourne