Our selection of untraditional traditions to inspire you to start yours

Whether it's an obsession for old wrapping paper, a colourful homage to the Christmas nutcracker, or a fabulous festive fiesta for friends and family, holiday traditions are what makes the season so memorable. And there’s some traditions that are even more memorable than others. They are born from imaginative and curious minds, and they are anything but traditional.

This holiday season, the House of Melbourne is celebrating a selection of the most untraditional traditions from around our city, to inspire you to start your own.

There’s people who are more nutcrackers than me

Michelle Gissara, Highett, Kardu Yek Neninh, Wadeye

What started as a small infatuation with the curious, has become a beloved family tradition for Michelle Gissara. Every year, her family celebrates the holidays by adding a new member to their growing nutcracker family. Big and small, weird and wonderful, the Gissara house is decked out in all manner of nutcrackers for the holiday season. Michelle thinks everyone could be as nutcrackers about nutcrackers as her, they just haven’t tried it yet.

Christmas can be such a fabulous drag!

Tynan Smith, Kew East - Holiday Drag Glitterati Sabrina’s Fantastic Amazing Gorgeous Talent Showcase: Christmas Edition

The holidays can feel like a drag when you aren’t able to celebrate them with your family, so Tynan Smith started a yearly tradition which has transformed the season into a fabulous drag spectacular for the queer community. When Tynan dons this year’s vibrant outfit, a green tulle homage to the Christmas tree, Sabrina will kick off the event which for many in Melbourne has become a holiday institution. It’s a spectacular event where everyone shows up with bells on, quite literally, Christmas bells.

Gifts are nice, but I’m all about the wrapping

Chad Camp, Fitzroy North - Wrapping Paper Fashion Designer The Christmas Couture Collection

This story starts as a simple story of recycling, before stylishly turning left on a Christmas catwalk.

Chad Camp and his family started their holiday tradition when they saw the volumes of wrapping paper left over after the gifts were opened. While they thought the gifts were nice, they thought it would be even nicer to make something of the wrapping, their Christmas Wrapping Couture Collection was born.