Sandro Spring Summer 2020 Collection Is Here Now

News| 18th December 2019
Sandro Spring Summer 2020 Collection Is Here Now
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The Sandro woman has travel on her mind. Her heart is like a sensitive camera that captures the colours and

emotions of the world around her. For spring/summer 2020, her look remains Parisian, but her mind wanders to

India in a blend of Paris and New Delhi style.

Loyal to the beautiful Paris boulevards of the 90s, she plays with the bourgeois conventions of a past with a

colonial flavour: she dresses in elegant tweed ensembles with a slight preppy feel, her blazers are decorated with

golden embroidery or insignia, and her iconic beige trench is updated with pleats. A lover of cotton poplin with

business stripes, she wears voluminous dresses and feminine shirts in this fabric. The Parisian elements are

designed to go against the grain. Aware that opposites attract, she juxtaposes washed denim with bright brocade

fabric. Lace — a favourite of the house — is turned into dresses with reimagined fits. The Sandro woman loves

sports detailing, knits with deep V-necks that hint of a springtime cricket match. On her feet, she wears bronze

leather loafers or urban-walking-style Velcro sandals, creating a city feel.

Alongside this chic and conservative look, the design studio enhances pieces with eastern hues and memories of

India in a colour palette as rich as an Indian summer. Fuchsia pinks, mauves, ochres and saffron yellows bring

ivory whites and sandy beiges to life. The brand is also offering linen blends and cotton woven with metallic

thread. But it is not about looking like a yogi on the banks of the Ganges: the references are more subtle. As

if emerging from the Bengal jungle, tigers appear on f loaty silk tops and dresses. The Sandro woman’s leather

trousers are the same gold as Maharaja finery: intense. She sometimes chooses a pastel tie dye, reminding her of

the Holi festival of colours she attended before returning to Paris.

Level 1, Emporium Melbourne

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