M/FW The Fashion Capsules

News| 2nd November 2020
M/FW The Fashion Capsules
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Presented by Creative Victoria, across three weeks Emporium Melbourne transforms a store on Level 2 into studio spaces where Melbourne-based multimedia artists, designers and makers perform their craft.

Watch on as a revolving cohort of artisans create works characteristic of their individual art practices in an open studio style space.

Located on Level Two next to Zimmermann and Scanlan Theodore.

WEEK ONE (2 - 10 NOV) : FUN


That Wig Guy & Simon Setter

What’s that on your head!? A WIG? Or is it ART? Steve Monroe (AKA That Wig Guy) back-combs his way through fashion history and pop culture on a mission to elevate faux follicles to fearless new heights.

Breathing fresh life into broken beauties, wigs old and new are revamped and revolutionised – mingled with mixed media, found objects and a healthy dash of humour.

21C Cares – where upcycling meets upstyling. From avant-garde wearable art and costume epics to best kept secrets, the scope for self-expression is only limited by imagination...and derring-do!

Simon Setter is a HAIR, wig and makeup wizard having travelled the world working with Isabella Blow, Alexander McQueen, Paloma Faith, Bryan Adams, KYLIE, Bryan Ferry and many International Brands. Worked on many Rock Bands, Superstars, Fashion Shows and campaigns plus Theatre Shows, Ballet, Dance and Film creating looks and magic for the EYE and sensational delight.


That Wig Guy - @monroeisms

Simon Setter - https://simonsetter.com/


Hannah Berry

Costume Designer

Hannah Berry is a multidisciplinary practitioner that dances amongst the fields of fashion, costume, sculpture and exhibition. With a satirical lens hannah explores what fashion is, in the context of consumer behaviour and the forbidden word sustainability. You’ll catch hannah here mass producing as a reaction to the all consuming capitalist species - humans!!!!! Using all things found and collected throughout October, Hannah questions what makes waste, well...waste?







Alain Pottier, Artist/ Photographer/ Poet

In and out the tides roll, just like life with highs and lows. Waves crash and water flows, just as light needs darkness to glow.

Listen always to your heart, as the mind dreams and wonders what the future holds.



Paula Maggs


Paula Maggs has been an artist for over twenty years, she paints in oils. Her style is emotive and poetic, her work captures moments in time that are familiar to us all, colourful and expressionistic in nature they leave a permanency in our thoughts. Paula’s process is to work on multiple paintings at once, utilising the paint colours across all canvases at the same time. Paula has exhibited numerous times in Melbourne and in her Emporium Melbourne series she will paint the laneways of Melbourne's CBD, shop fronts and portraits.




Cord^e macrame / Lea Oldjohn

Macrame Artist

The medium of rope has endless possibilities, and each creation is a new hand crafted challenge for Lea Oldjohn, designer and creator of Cord^e Macrame. By using a variation of knots, these pieces can be both worn or displayed as artworks.




Millinery Jill / Jill Humphries


Jill Humphries made her mark in the bespoke millinery industry in a flash with a dash. After only two years as a milliner she won the exclusive Millinery Award at Flemington on Oaks day. The award winning piece was a bird inspired work made of leather. Since then she has gone on to attract clients from around the world and has a global follower base. Her work can be seen on the heads of race goers internationally, it is sleek, meticulous in detail and yet unfussy.


Photography: ALBERT COMPER

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