At the heart of every piece of FREYWILLE’s precious fire enamel jewellery is artistic design full of inspiration and creativity.

Handcrafted in Vienna, Austria, with highest attention to detail and passion for art, FREYWILLE has been creating timeless and beautiful jewellery for more than 61 years utilizing a honed fire enamel-jewellery technique.

Collections are based on immaterial and emotional values of European and humanistic philosophy or profound topics including nature and the diversity of cultures as well as homages dedicated to world-renowned artists including Klimt, Mucha, Monet, Hundertwasser and Schiele.

An in-house team of artists, designers, goldsmiths and enamel specialists turns these emotions into meticulously constructed collections reflecting the humanistic worldview which is at the core of the vision of CEO and owner Dr. Friedrich Wille.

The company philosophy is rooted in tradition and can be found in its artistic achievement, brilliance of colours and exclusive quality allowing FREYWILLE to create a distinctive way to express thoughts and feelings which speaks to those who appreciate art, beauty and sophisticated elegance.