Joe Black

The story of Joe Black is an enduring one. The Macky clan sailed from Scotland before New Zealand had electricity or proper sewers. In a frontier settlement both raw and refined, Joe tailored a clientele ranging from brawlers to barristers in garments to service them through life’s landmarks, from seduction to deposition, baptism to wake. With a glance of his eye, Joe could discern the measure of a man without a tape, and his humour earned him the nickname so enduring, few remember how he was called before Black.

These days Joe Black has 8 of his own locations across Australia and New Zealand. Joe Black stocks suits, dinner suits, jackets, trousers, chinos, coats, outerwear, ties, bow ties, cufflinks, shoes, belts, watches, bags and hats.

JOe Black also has a made to measure service for jackets, trousers, suits and shirts.