A family footwear brand since 1948.

We’ve been crafting quality footwear for 60 years. Our journey began back in 1948 when Guglielmo Anselmi brought his native Italian craftsmanship and passion to New Zealand, founding King Country Shoes.Today Guglielmo would be described as an entrepreneur, but back in 1948 he simply called himself a merchant.

The booming 1980s saw Guglielmo’s son Tony Anselmi continue the family legacy for footwear. A decade later, in authentic merchant style, Guglielmo’s grandson Shane Anselmi took the reins of the family stores. Inspired by his travels abroad and European heritage, Shane brought with him a more bespoke and personal approach

Merchant 1948 represents our heritage, values and dedication to quality footwear. We now have 6 stores throughout Melbourne.