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A free gift for UnionPay cardholders

01 Feb 2018

Starting 1st February 2018, spend $588 or more using your UnionPay card at any Emporium Melbourne store in one day, and you will receive a free Mecca Cosmetica gift packed in a limited edition #MeccaMade tote bag, valued at $67. To redeem, present your receipts to the Concierge Desk staff on Ground Level.

自201821日起,一天内在墨尔本Emporium商场店铺使用银联卡消费满$588即可获得一个用限量版#MeccaMade手提袋包装的价值$67Mecca化妆品。请到位于底层(Ground Floor)的礼宾服务台向工作人员出示收据以领取礼品。

Be rewarded today when you shop with UnionPay at Emporium Melbourne.



Terms and conditions: 

Terms & Conditions: You must be a UnionPay cardholder. Staff (& their families) of Promoter & owner/staff (& their families) of Centre retailers excluded. Offer Period: 01.02.2018 to 01.08.2018 or until gifts run out, whichever is first. On 1 day during Offer Period, spend $588 or more in total at participating store/s (see for participating stores) (excluding lay-by & gift card purchases) &, on same day whilst Customer Service Desk is open, present dated receipt/s & UnionPay card to Customer Service Desk & receive a gift of a Mecca Micellar Water ($29), Mecca To Save Face Mineral ($38) & Mecca Tote, while stocks last (600 avail). Customer Service Desk is open Saturday to Wednesday 10am to 7pm and Thursday & Friday 10am to 9pm (public holidays & special events may vary). Limit 1 gift per person per day. Gift subject to supplier's conditions, including validity period if relevant. Gift not transferable/exchangeable/redeemable for cash. Promoter is not liable (including in negligence) for any loss, damage, injury or death in connection with this offer or any gift, except any liability which under consumer laws can't be excluded. You completely release Facebook/Instagram from any & all liability. See Customer Service Desk for privacy statement. Promoter: Vicinity Centres PM Pty Ltd (ABN 96 101 504 045) as disclosed agent for the owners of the Centre.


条款与条件:您必须是银联卡持有者。推广活动组织者的员工(和他们的家人)以及商场店铺的业主/员工(和他们的家人)不能参与此活动。活动期限:2018年2月1日至2018年8月1日,或到礼品送完为止。活动期限内,在参加活动的店铺(参加活动的店铺名单详见一天总消费满$588 (不包括支付预付款和使用礼品卡的消费),可在消费当天并且在顾客服务台开放时间内,凭带有日期的收据和银联卡前往顾客服务台领取一瓶Mecca Micellar Water(价值$29)、一个Mecca To Save Face Mineral(价值$38)和一个Mecca手提包,送完为止(共600份)。顾客服务台开放时间为:周六至周三早上10点至晚上7点,周四和周五早上10点至晚上9点(公众假期和特殊活动期间会有所变动)。每人每天仅限领取一份礼物。礼品受供应商的条件限制,包括相关有效期。礼品不可转让/兑换/兑现。活动组织者不对与本活动或任何礼品有关的任何损失、损害、伤害或死亡负责,除非是消费者法律中规定的不能排除在外的责任。您将完全免除Facebook / Instagram的任何及全部责任。如需阅读隐私声明,请到顾客服务台索取。活动组织者:Vicinity Centres PM Pty Ltd (澳大利亚商业号:96 101 504 045)将作为Emporium商场业主的代理。