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Australian Designers on Australia Day. The culture that inspires us all...

26 Jan 2018


Australia Day marks a day of celebration in our culture. This Australia Day, Emporium Melbourne turns it's attention to celebrate the leading Australian designers taking over our runways around the globe. Emporium Melbourne asked the fashion industry's best, 



AJE  w/ Co-Founder and Creative Director, Edwina Robinson

ʺBeing geographically isolated from the rest of the world, Australian culture is beautifully illusive - almost untouched. I think the rawness and effortless authenticity of our landscape transpires into our designs through the styling, fabrications and silhouettes. Relaxed, unbridled and experimental in nature, Australian designers are certainly not afraid to take risks in order to make themselves known on the international stage! People are watching us from all over the world, and I think we're giving them plenty to see and talk about.ʺ


ALICE McCALL w/ Nic Walker

"The Australian lifestyle and climate has definitely had a big impact on my designs and has also been an important factor in creating our best selling and most iconic styles – the playsuit and mini dress. In particular, the international customer loves our brand’s sense of colour, playfulness & flirty styles. I think they also love the shorter hemlines & lighter fabrications. A piece of exciting news is that we will be showing our Spring Summer '18 collection at NYFW this February, which we couldn't be more thrilled about. We’ve also recently launched our Resort collection on Net-A-Porter and couldn’t be happier with our sell-through. It’s an exciting time & shows that there is a place in the international market for alice McCALL"


CAMILLA & MARC  w/ Designers Marc Freeman and Camilla Freeman-Topper

"Australia is a youthful country and without the heritage luxury brands that say France and Italy have, Australian designers have less rules to apply to. There is a sense of freedom, an element of exploration, curiosity and discovery that's innate in the Australian spirit, and I feel that translates to design. That, and we're surrounded by the most breathtaking landscapes in the world - the colours, textures, landscapes - we're lucky to have that constant inspiration."


JAC+ JACK  w/ Jacqueline Hunt

ʺAustralian design and culture is casual, spirited, roguish and relaxed. We occupy a unique place in the world, a blending of cultures on isolated island gives us a lot of character. This character comes through in the way we design and create. The light in Australia is also so pure and intense I am struck by it every time I come home, so totally unfiltered. It makes us see the world differently. When I think of Australian design I think of boldness of form and saturated colour and neon whites.ʺ


LIFE WITH BIRD  w/ Designers Nicholas van Messner and Bridget McCall

‘We [Australians] have a certain ease and relaxed attitude, which proliferates our lives and this comes through in our unique take on many things, design being one of them. People the world over crave authenticity and that is at the very core of being Australian.’


MANNING CARTELL w/ Gabrielle, Vanessa & Cheryl

ʺThere is an independent spirit that is part of Australia's DNA and this translates into our design & culture. We design by taking things out of context and we are very much drawn to colour & print which international audiences respond to. Our girl is about power pairing; feminine and masculine, soft and hard, street and glamour.ʺ

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VIKTORIA & WOODS  w/ Founder & Creative Director, Margie Woods

"Australian design is effortless and laid-back, which closely reflects our lifestyle. We have a natural tran-seasonality to how we design and being proudly Australian made, this appeals to our international customers. Culturally we are easy going, confident and enjoy a multifaceted life, which easily translates globally."


MORRISON w/ Kylie Radford

 "Australian design and culture are heavily influenced by our location, climate and remoteness. There is an energy and confidence to Australian design.
We are spoilt with beautiful locations and long summers. Our designs are a reflection of this. As a brand based in South Fremantle in Western Australia, we live and work near the beach. We design clothes that we want to wear. It all begins with quality fabrics that feel luxurious, but still, function with our lifestyle."

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ʺThe Long Way Home AW18 collection has launched in store and online just in time for the long weekend. Each chapter will explore a moment in time, a feeling from Camilla’s journey that will unfold in all aspects of the CAMILLA world.ʺ



 "Australian design has become undeniably unique and independent to the rest of the world, the ease and wearability of Australian fashion is translated directly into the way we design and create. Our dedication to independent beauty and modern elegance is inspired by the Australian way of life. International audiences look to the Australian woman as confident, intelligent and complex – for it’s all the layered facets of life in this country that make a design, an image and indeed a woman, a timeless beauty of memorable quality."