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Brews with Benefits

08 Jan 2018

T2 is excited to launch its new Brews with Benefits range.

Jam Packed
Berries abound with an over-the-top combination of elderberries, blackberries, blueberries and goji berries. A rich, radiant red tisane with a bit of bite and a frenzy of juicy sweetness.

Tooty Grapefruity
Meet your next summer squeeze! A sweet pink grapefruit tingle, a cheeky hibiscus kiss and a surprise appearance from herby rosemary make for a very sunny sip that’s sure to become a staple in your iced tea line-up.

Wakey Wakey
Rise, shine and backflip out of bed with this sprightly sip! A supercharged mix of yerba mate, guarana, peppermint and green tea that’s all riled up and ready to start your day with a bang.

Clean up your act with this delightful dandelion tisane! A mouth watering combo of dandelion root, coconut, cacao and chicory, it’s a totally delicious sip to wipe the slate clean!


Come to level 1 Emporium Melbourne to check out the full range.