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The Maje party-girl glitters in various colours of lurex and lace

08 Nov 2019

This season, the Maje party-girl glitters in various colours of lurex and lace. Freeing in her movement, this Parisian dazzler was not born to be a wallflower. Mini Lurex dresses are just the right amount of luminosity. Hypnotic when she moves. Sparkly but never flashy.


Between a couple of dances, take a break and step outside into the night. A jet-black lace or sheer dress will give her a feminine yet mysteriousness to her look. Showers of stars, crescent moons and pulsars adorn this season’s dresses, bags, oversized belts and earrings.


Wearing her horoscope necklace, she blends right into the night. Leo, Aries, Sagittarius, Aquarius... Nothing’s stopping you from being all these at the same time. You can never have enough talismans and lucky charms.


Level 1, Emporium Melbourne.