Elevate Your Mood Through The Power Of Senses

Our senses and emotions work in tandem when recalibrating our moods. A hint of scent can help lower stress. A song composition will help improve focus and productivity. Different visuals and colours can help stimulate creativity. This winter, overcome the seasonal blues by engaging with your five senses - sight, sound, touch, smell and taste.

Be Visually Stimulated

Open your mind and expand your horizon with the Neighbourhood Earth exhibition. Neighbourhood Earth is an award-winning exhibition designed as an exploration through space and the significant advancements undertaken by humans in the pursuit of understanding our galactic neighbourhood. At the heart of the exhibition is a truly immersive cinematic experience, with dazzling visuals and sounds. Get ready to be mesmerised by the galaxy.

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Your Winter Motivation

Take care of yourself this winter with invigorating Pilates, Yoga classes and much more at our very own KĀYA Health Clubs. If running is more your style, take advantage of the latest running technology at adidas and look great whilst you are at it with your very own personalised activewear, exclusive to Nike at Emporium Melbourne.

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Sight & Sound

A song can remind you of a special moment, and a sound can help incite different emotions.

Visit the Kaleidoscope at the Arts Centre Melbourne for a symphony of sound and light as you use all your senses to manoeuvre through the maze. Make that a beautiful moment to remember with the family.

Source Arts Centre Melbourne

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Find Your Winter Scent

Our sense of smell attaches to our memories as no other sense can. This winter create vivid memories with new perfumes. Find your winter fragrance at LKNU Parfumerie the home of niche, indie, and artisan perfumes. The team has curated the three most desirable scents for you this winter.

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The Sense Of Touch

Take the time for yourself this winter. Pamper yourself with rich body moisturisers, nourishing Vitamin E body washes, layerable body mists and set the mood for self-care with a plush candle. Bath & Body Works has the tools for you.

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Taste of Joy

Eating is one of the greatest pleasures in life. What better way to raise your serotonin levels than a delightful meal with those you love to combat the winter blues. For a warm, hearty meal, try the winter-edition crab-filled “Xiao Long Bao” (dumplings) at Shanghai Taste or a rich, flavourful curry laksa at Chinta Ria Soul.

Image Shanghai Taste


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